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About Course

dsc006271dsc007001This subject aims to encourage students to understand a basic translation method.

Course Syllabus

Course: 01-324-205 Basic Translation /  1-212-013  Introduction to Translation (3 credits)

Semester: Second semester, Academic Year: 2008/ 2009/ 2010/ 2011.

Instructor: Aj. Somboon Sammatchani
                    Room 201, Building 6/2,
                    Department of Western Languages,
                    Faculty of Liberal Arts,
                    Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep
                   Tel: 08-1555-0560

Class period: 3 hours a week

Course description:

Study of principles and strategies in translation,  focusing on problems and solutions in translation and practice on translating sentence and paragraph both in English into Thai and Thai into English. (Basic Translation)

Translating sentences and short stories from source texts in Englsih and Thai; applying translation techinques and strategies, study translation  problems and solutions and practice in editing and rewriting the target texts. (Introduction to Translation)

Methods of instruction: tutorial and practice
Since translation skill can only be mastered by practice, students are supposed to practice and do a lot of translation exercises. The course will introduce students to the basic theory of translation. Students are required to work individually, work in pairs and groups in class so that they can discuss among themselves the way to translate certain pieces of writing. The teacher will guide, monitor and give feedback for their assignments.

1. What is translation?
2. Definition of translation
3. Translation Process
4. Translation unit
5. Translation Equivalence
6. Translation Problems
7. Specialized types of Translation
8. Practical translation

In-class activities:
– Spontaneous translation
– Translation practice
– Discussion
– Quizzes
Long-term projects:
– Translation of a short story or a novel
– Translation of an article

Class attendance and participation 10%
Assignments/ Project 20%
Quizes 20%
Midterm exam 25%
Final exam 25%

A               80 – 100%
B+             75 – 79%
B               70 – 74%
C+            65 – 69%
C              66 – 64%
D+           55 – 59%
D             50 – 54%
F                0 – 49%

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the university’s regulations, the student must have at least 80% of the class attendance in order to be eligible for a pass grade.

Example: Touruist Behaviour


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