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To Somboon’s students

Semester 2011

Welcome! everyone who becomes a translator. There are 3 groups of my students who study this course in 2011. Please click the “Semester 2011” to see your homepage and post your works or comments.

Welcome to semester 2/2010


There are 3 groups of students registering “Basic Translation” in semester 2/2010. Please read the course syllabus to get main guide to learn it happily.

To see and submit your work, Click the page “Semester 2010”.



2009  Midterm Score

You can check your Midterm Score on the page “Grading” now.  

New work: Aesop’s Fables

Translate Aesop’s fables this week for อส.2-2 and next week for อส. 2-1.


Music Translation

Please submit your Thai music translation.

Tasks: translation English to Thai and Thai to English

I have posted your tasks: translation English to Thai and Thai to English on the page “Semester 2009”. Please check them and be sure that you have got both your tasks. You are allowed to submit your complete work untill the last week of the semester (before final exam).

Homework 1

Since Aj Somboon is going to Hong-Kong during 19 – 22 November 2009, all of you have to translate the article on the page “Semester 2009”, click at “Homework 1” in the part of your name list and submit your translation by clicking “Submit Comment” under the page “Homework 1”.

Please click “Semester 2009”


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  1. Please click “Submite comment” to send your translate.

    Comment by somboon | November 17, 2009 | Reply

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